Sierra E9.6 Electric Crane



  • Two Piece Boom - 19ft 8in Reach
  • Five Prong Grapple w/ Hydraulic Rotation Unit
  • Front Heavy Duty Blade
  • 100% Rechargable Electric
  • Total Weight - 22,000 lb

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Engine: Two Electric Motors - 16.8kw
Hydraulics: Double variable displacement piston pump
Load sensing distributor
Auxiliary system w/ electro-hydraulic distributor for secondary movements
100% in tank oil filtering
115 Gallons hydraulic oil tank
Cabin: Comfortable operator's cab w/ A/C and heat
Adjustable seat 
LED Working Lights
Elevating operator's cab
Transmission: Axial Piston Motor w/ two gear reduction unit
Electro-hydraulically controlled from the cab.
Rear and front wheel drive with industrial axles
Planetary reduction gear on the hubs.
Steering: Lateral Joysticks
Tires: 4 - 3.65 x 15 solid tires
Boom: Continous Rotation
19' 8" Boom reach fully extended
2700 Lbs capacity (fully extended)
Grapple: Five prong orange peel grapple w/ rotator
Blade: Front Heavy Duty Blade
Battery: Energy Plus ™ Heavy Duty Battery
Single point watering system w/ electrolyte sensor
Eight hour battery life
Battery charger included
Quick replace battery system
Total Weight: 22,000 Lbs.
Other: Centralized greasing system (manual)

*Sierra Reserves the right to change specifications without notice.


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