Sierra T409 Crane

Hard Rubber Tire Crane


  • Two Piece Boom - 32ft Reach
  • Grapple With Rotator
  • Front Heavy Duty Blade
  • Two Rear Stabilizers
  • Total Weight - 22 Tons

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Engine: Cummins 4 Cylinder Diesel with 145 Horsepower
Water Cooled
70 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity
Electrical System Voltage of 24 Volts
Hydraulics: Axial Piston & Variable Displacement
Maximum Working Pressure of 4300 PSI
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Complete In-tank Oil Filtering
90 Gallon Oil Tank Capacity
Cab: Soundproof cab with heater, air conditioning and hydraulic lift
Cab rotation with Axial Piston Motor and Planetary Reduction Gear (Maximum rotation speed 8 rpm)
Driver’s seat with adjustable suspension, integrated joysticks, and lights and gauges for crucial readings
Transmission: Two Speed Transmission with Axial Piston Motor
Travel Speed:
    1st gear - 2.5 MPH
    2nd gear - 8 MPH
Industrial Axles w/ epicycloidal reduction hub gears
Steering: Power Steering Unit with Single Gear Pump -Front Axle Steering
Tires: 8 Super Elastic Puncture Proof Solid Rubber Tires (10.00/20)
Boom: Two Piece Boom, 32 ft. Reach High Resistant, hardened steel w/ hydraulics
Grapple: Grapple With Rotator
Blade: Front Heavy Duty Blade
Stabilizers: Two Rear Stabilizers
Total Weight: 22 Tons
Options: Electromagnet Kit: 7Kw - 220 Volts, 44” Diameter Heavy Duty Magnet and Controls.

*Sierra Reserves the right to change specifications without notice.


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